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About Tikina Software

Tikina Software produces high-quality software designed to be easy to use and powerful. Tikina Software is always looking for ways to improve its products to more fully meet the needs of its customers. Tikina Software also engages in custom programming work on a contract basis. Using modern programming languages and techniques, the staff of Tikina Software have provided custom programming for some of the largest companies in the US doing graphic programming and database application programming with Oracle, MS-Sql Server and other high-end client-server databases.

You can reach Tikina Software by email at Support@TikinaSoftware.com.

We are always looking for feedback and requests for adding functionality and features to our software. Please email us directly or use our forum if you wish to communicate with us.

If you have any advice, complaints, suggestions or requests please be sure to send them to us. We will respond immediately.

If you need help or support in your use of our software please email any questions to Support@TikinaSoftware.com.

Upgrade Policy

If you purchase any of our software applications during the calendar year 2004 you will be eligible to receive free upgrades through December 31, 2005. The staff of Tikina Software will notify you via email when such upgrades are available. You can also check on our website, TikinaSoftware.com,  to see when a new upgrade has been released.

You will also find a way to check to see if you are using the latest version on the About screen of Tikina Software applications.

After calendar 2004, each purchase will include one year of free upgrades. At the point when the purchaser's year of free upgrades ends, he or she will be able to purchase future upgrades at greatly reduced prices.

Major upgrades will never cost more than 50% of the full purchase price and minor upgrades will always be free.

A major upgrade occurs when the version or release number moves an entire unit upward as opposed to an upgrade that is a fractional move upward. So, if the current release were 1.5, a minor upgrade would be to 1.6 and a major upgrade would be to 2.0.

Please read the license agreement if you wish to learn about Tikina Software licensing.

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