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Capture and Send  

Release 1.5

Now Only $15.00


Capture and Send was created to allow users to quickly capture what they see on their computer screen and attach it to an email message and then send the email message to one or more recipients all from one interface. Prior to Capture and Send this process took a number of steps using several software applications. Capture and Send also includes its own proprietary printer driver that adds the Capture and Send Image Printer to your Windows printers. This allows you to use the Capture and Send Printer from any Windows application. The Capture and Send Printer will create a multi-page tif file (like a fax). This file will be automatically attached to email via Capture and Send.

          Advanced screen capture

          Automatically attaches screen captures to emails

          Adds new image file printer to every Windows application

 Download Capture and Send as Executable File (2.99 mb)

 Download Capture and Send as Zip File (2.96 mb)

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